Which brand of water heater will you buy?

The most popular brands of water heaters in India include:Camping heater: The company says it has a good reputation with the Indian public.

It is the first water heater in India to sell in all of India.

It has a two-year warranty and it also has an extended warranty for 30 days.

The Camping heater has a base price of Rs. 9,999 ($16,000) and is available in different models.

The base price for the camping heater is also free. 

Luxury water heater: Luxury water heater is a water heater that is made from stainless steel and has a higher temperature than a regular water heater.

It sells for Rs. 12,499 ($29,000), but its extended warranty is free.

It comes in three sizes: Luxe model, Standard model and Ultra model. 

Camping: The most expensive water heater at Rs. 11,999, but its price drops to Rs. 7,499 for the standard model and Rs. 5,999 for the Ultra model.

The standard model is also available in two sizes. 

Water heater:  The cheapest water heater is the water heater made from brass and it has an 18-month warranty.

It also comes in a variety of sizes.

Water heater :  The most economical water heater, priced at Rs 8,999 (or Rs. 2,400), is the two-seater water heater manufactured by the Indian company Pramac.

It features a single heat source, two water heat exchangers, a removable base and a base plate for the water source.

The water heater comes in four sizes: Deluxe model, Standard model, Ultra model and Luxury model.

 Water heaters are not the only options available to those who want to save money.

In addition to the camping and water heater brands, there are several other options available, too.

The latest trends and best selling water heatings are listed below.