Which heater are you using to keep warm?

The heat source you are using to heat your house can affect how much heat you get, which makes it more important to be sure you’re getting the right one for the right job.

Weighing the heat sources available to you can help you choose a heater that is right for you.

A heater with low heat capacity (less than 1.5 pounds per square foot) is the simplest to heat, and it can be used for a few different things.

For outdoor use, the low heat-capacity heat source will help your home remain cool, but it won’t keep you warm at the same time.

The other heat sources, such as a propane or gas stove, can work well for small spaces or for larger rooms.

But a high-capacity, medium- or large-scale heating source is best if you want to heat more than one room at a time, or you want the warmth to last longer than a single-room heater.

If you use a low-heat source, such a gas or propane, you’ll want to consider a medium- to large-capacity heater for larger spaces, which will help you heat multiple rooms.

A high-heat-capacity source, like a propanes, can be great for a small space, but can be more difficult to use for larger areas.

A large-size heater with a higher capacity is best for a large space, which can be very warm, and can help heat many rooms simultaneously.

You can also consider a small, medium, or large heater, depending on your home size.

You’ll need to decide which type of heat source is right to you, and you’ll also need to consider how long you need to use it, so make sure to weigh your heating needs.

The following are heat sources with the lowest heat capacity and the highest heat output per square inch: low-capacity air conditioner for indoor space