Gas flares, heat rash symptoms among Palestinians in the West Bank

Gas flares and heat rash in the occupied West Bank have been reported among Palestinians who are suffering from the symptoms of the flare-up of a recent coronavirus outbreak.

According to the Jerusalem Post, which first reported the outbreak on Sunday, the flare of the coronaviruses virus in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Beit Hanoun in the eastern occupied West Beit Jala district, which is located in the E-1 zone, was reported on Monday morning by residents.

The residents who were hospitalized with fever and other symptoms are among 1,700 Palestinians who have been hospitalized with the coronvirus in Jerusalem, according to the medical sources.

Meanwhile, Israeli security forces have arrested four Palestinians in East Jerusalem on suspicion of participating in the outbreak, including the son of one of the suspects.

The arrests came a day after Israeli forces carried out an arrest operation against three Palestinians in Ramallah who were reportedly carrying out a series of attacks against Israeli security installations.

The arrest operation was carried out against a man and his son, according a statement issued by the security forces.

The police also arrested a man, who was identified as Muhammad Abu al-Zahrani, from Beit Awwad in the western occupied West Nablus district.

The Israeli forces said Abu al -Zahrami was an officer in the Israeli military.

The Palestinian Authority has been carrying out investigations into the possible involvement of Palestinians in spreading the virus, which was first detected in the Palestinian territories on September 10, the day before the coronivirus outbreak was reported.

More than 6,800 Palestinians have been infected, with an additional 9,000 of them having died.

The outbreak was first reported in the Gaza Strip in late September.