How to use the Sunbeam heated blankets

How to turn your indoor space into a comfortable space for outdoor enjoyment with Sunbeam’s patented Sunbeam heat and cooling blankets.

The Sunbeam blankets have an insulated, double layer design with a heat and air interface.

Each blanket can be hung from a wall, wall joist, or any other suitable attachment.

The Sunbeam heating and cooling system works by generating and regulating a high-voltage current.

This current flows through the blanket and through the air to cool the blanket.

This allows the temperature of the blanket to rise.

The blankets also offer some passive cooling, since the insulation and air are not used to provide heat or air to the blanket, the blankets simply warm the blanket by the air passing through it.

The blankets also have a heat-absorbing coating, meaning they absorb heat from your home and cool it.