Why is the NHL’s salamanders heater so expensive? NHL News

Posted October 19, 2018 10:18:48The NHL is spending $1 billion to upgrade the heating system on its arena, making it the hottest facility in the league.

That investment is needed because the ice surface in the arena is not very durable and its not very well ventilated, according to the NHL.

This means that the salamandar heating system has to be replaced.

The new heater will be manufactured by a company called the Thermal Heat Corporation and is expected to cost $1.9 million.

The company is also planning to spend $600 million on a new roof.

The salamands heater will replace the old heater that cost $6.6 million.

The NHL’s goal is to have the new heating system up and running by the start of next season.

The arena will also be upgraded to include a more sophisticated ventilation system.