When You’re Feeling Frustrated, Just Let It Go

The game of chicken, or “heated bird bath,” has long been a favorite among fans of the game.

Now, the popular game is getting its own animated series, and the first episode will be released next week.

The animated series will feature a different character each episode, and they will be voiced by different actors, said the official announcement on Twitter.

“There will be multiple characters voiced by the cast of ‘Heated Bird Bath’ each episode.”

The cast of the animated series includes:Ariel Castro , the voice of the chicken, who will play her own mother in the series, as well as other characters from the game, the announcement said.

The chicken will also appear in the animated episodes.

It will be up to viewers to decide which chicken characters will appear in each episode.

There are also several voice-overs from other characters in the game as well, such as a dog who says, “It’s a bird bath.”

The series will debut on August 6, and will be available on the Nintendo eShop for $7.99.

The show will be animated by the talented group at KyoAni, who have animated the original “Heated Chicken” series.

You can check out some of the videos below.