What’s the best electric vehicle for the next generation?

Lasko Electric has announced plans to sell two new electric cars, dubbed the Laskos Volt and Laskous Vornado, that are expected to go on sale in 2018.

The two vehicles will replace the older Vornados.

The company said the new cars, which it says will go on the market in 2018, will be the most efficient and safest electric vehicle in the market.

The company is already planning to roll out two more models of the Volt later this year.

The first is a more affordable electric SUV called the Volt Ego, which the company plans to launch in 2019.

The second, which Laskoi plans to release later this summer, is an SUV with a diesel engine.

The Volt Egon, which is due to be unveiled at CES next month, is likely to be more compact and lighter than the Volt.

But the company has said that it plans to produce a larger version of the vehicle, called the Vagon, that will have a more powerful engine.