How to keep your golf cart heater running at least 30% longer

The average golf cart has about 3,000 miles on it, and it has been known to last through many years of use.

But that mileage can vary from one year to the next.

That means that if you take your cart to the course in a month, it may not run all that hot for months to come.

This can be especially frustrating for those who own a car, and are trying to get their cars running at the same time as their golf cart.

There are a few ways to get around this.

If you own a gas-powered car, you can buy a heater for your car that can run on compressed natural gas.

If the gas-power car has a heater, you should consider buying one.

If it has a heat pump, you could use one to charge your electric heater.

There’s also the option of buying an electric heater that will run off batteries.

If your electric car has the option, you’ll want to look at the cost and the size of the battery pack.

You could also try using a thermostat to adjust the temperature inside the car.

The temperature can also be adjusted on the fly with a remote control, and the thermostats are pretty cheap.

It’s also worth looking into getting a more efficient heat pump.

You can check out our article on how to upgrade your thermostatic car to one that can do more with less power.

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