How to avoid a California heat wave: What to do if you have to go outside Google News

“It’s been a wild week, we had a lot of people in our office, in my office, I’ve been here for four days now, and it’s been really crazy,” says Paul Leopold, a spokesman for the company.

He says he’s been getting a lot more calls from concerned homeowners.

“The people who are going to be impacted are people who live outside, they are not necessarily going to have to relocate, but it’s a good thing that the heat is going to dissipate over the next 24 hours or so,” he said.

“We’re seeing a lot fewer people out in the sun and they’re getting a little bit warmer.”

As temperatures continue to rise, it’s expected that many people will opt for a tent or other cooler-weather shelter to avoid the scorching heat.

The Bureau of Land Management is working to reduce the number of wildfires across the state, but Leopofle says the bureau doesn’t expect a large wildfire season in the near future.