How a new Heat coach will help his team overcome the heat


— As a young, inexperienced coach, Brad Stevens had little choice but to be cautious about letting his team play the game.

He didn’t want to be accused of letting the game slip away.

But his team was losing to the Heat on the court.

Stevens was taking the blame for the Heat’s struggles.

The team had been outscored by more than 25 points in the third quarter of games during the regular season, and the Heat were 2-10.

But Stevens wasn’t done, and he had to make adjustments.

Stevens said that in his new role as Heat coach, he will no longer play for the same players and will try to make them better.

It’s a change he hopes will help the Heat win more games.

But he said he doesn’t know how long the adjustment will take.

“I’m not sure how long it’ll take, but I’m trying to be smart and not get caught up in the moment,” Stevens said.

“But we’ve got to be smarter in this business, so I don’t know.”

Stevens has spent his entire NBA career playing with a lot of veterans.

During his first season in Portland, Stevens played the same veterans that he was with the Portland Trail Blazers.

The Heat are hoping to add some depth to a team that is trying to win more.

Miami will face the San Antonio Spurs on Friday night at AmericanAirlines Arena.