Why the Milwaukee Heat Is Getting the Best Water Heater in the World

A heat wave is on the horizon in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The city is experiencing its hottest day ever.

Milwaukee Heat officials are asking people to leave the house if the mercury rises above 100 degrees.

The temperature is expected to climb into the 100s Wednesday, but the city has already had a few days off.

Heat is a common sight in the city, with temperatures in some neighborhoods reaching 100 degrees, even at the end of summer.

Milan Heat is working with the city to make sure residents have cool water in the fridge.

They’re also taking heaters out of service to conserve energy and avoid heat exhaustion.

The city is asking residents to leave their homes if the heat reaches 100 degrees Wednesday, the city’s mayor announced.

The mayor said the city is working on making sure residents are given the appropriate information to reduce heat stress.

Milford County Sheriff Brian Wigfield says the city of Milwaukee has already been very good at getting the heat right, but is now putting in a little extra work to make it better.

Milburn, a city of just over 2,000 people in the suburbs of Milwaukee, has been experiencing record heat in recent weeks, Wigferson said.

He said he has seen temperatures in the 100 to 100s in some parts of town.

Milwaukie Mayor Joe Paterakis said he’s seen temperatures over 100 degrees in some areas of the city and even saw one man dead.

Paterakis said the county is trying to get a little more creative.

The weather in the Milwaukee area is expected for a second day Wednesday.