Big buddy heater is a big deal for pet owners

Heat protectant is a lifesaver for pets who get sick from heat.

The manufacturer said its new Big Buddy heater, which is made by HeatSafe, is more than just a heater.

The brand’s newest heater is the latest to offer the company’s Big Buddy product line.

It has a larger base to accommodate larger pets, a more efficient thermostat and a higher temperature range.

Big Buddy was created to provide pets with a new and more comfortable way to heat.

It also helps them stay cool and helps them get rid of toxins in their body, said HeatSafe president and CEO Scott McFarland.

“We wanted to create a thermostatic product that is also the best for people who are heating their homes,” he said.

The company offers a range of products from the Big Buddy Cooler to the Big Budgie Cooler, which are now available in stores and online.

They are available in a range from $79 to $99.

“Big Buddy Coolers are an ideal solution for pets that are experiencing heat related illness and can get a little bit chilly,” McFarion said.

“They’re the most convenient way for pet families to get their pet hot and to cool down.”

McFarions company is the first to offer an affordable thermostatically controlled pet heat source.

“The Big Buddy is the most efficient pet heat-control system on the market,” McShane said.

He said it uses a patented thermostally controlled technology and is made with a specially designed rubberized coating to keep the pet warm and dry.

“There’s no more hassle than it sounds,” he added.

The heating pads can be purchased separately for $49.99.

The new heater is also a better choice for pets with pets with asthma or allergies.

McFareland said a lot of pet owners are using their pets as a way to manage their asthma.

“Most pets have allergies,” he noted.

“I think they’re a good way for people to keep their pets under control.”

The Big Budgerys new thermal system is more affordable and provides a safer alternative to heat protectants, said McFarison.

“It’s really important to the pet owner that their pet has the best of both worlds,” McSharane said, adding that people with asthma, allergic pets and people with allergies are using heat protectors.

“People are using them in a different way, they’re not using them as a heat source,” he explained.

“So if you’re trying to reduce your pets risk, this is the solution for you.”

Pets can also find comfort in the Big BUDGEY Cooler.

McShanes company made it a goal to create an easy-to-use, durable, affordable heat solution for pet homes.

The Big BUCKET is designed to provide comfort and warmth for pets of all sizes.

The product is designed with a built-in thermal cover that keeps pets cool and dry, McShaine said.

“Pets love to sleep on the couch, and the Big Bucket has a cool vent for a comfortable night’s sleep,” Mcshane said of the Cooler and the Cool Base.

McShane also said the Big Bubby Cooler is a great heat source for pets, which can help to keep pets cool while they’re at home.

“These are the only heat-resistant heat protecters on the planet right now,” he told CBC News.

The new Big BUPBET thermostats are currently available at stores and in stores across Canada.

HeatSafe is also launching its new BUPY product line with a few new products.

It is made from a heat-absorbing material that will be used to make the new Big Bubbee Cooler for pets.

Big Bubbee is also making a thermoreversible, heat-activated heating pad.

The pads will be available in both larger and smaller sizes.

McFarnell said that when the new Cool BUBBEE Cool Base is introduced in Canada, the company is planning to offer two sizes for pets and that it will offer a large size with a wide base to make it more comfortable for pet people.

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