Heat wave expected in Texas as winter arrives

Temperatures will reach record highs in Texas this week and into next, as the state is expected to experience a heat wave, according to a state official.

The official said Friday that the state will see temperatures of over 100 degrees, and that is the most the state has experienced in more than a century.

The official said temperatures will peak in the early hours of Saturday morning and the next day, when the mercury will hit 100 degrees.

By the end of the week, temperatures will be in the mid-70s.

Temperatures in the state are expected to drop further, however, as some areas will be expected to get below the 90-degree mark.

The National Weather Service, in a statement Friday, said the heat wave will be the largest in Texas since 1953.

The heat wave is expected for some parts of the state.

The National Weather Forecast Center in New Orleans said Friday the central Texas coast will see “severe winds of 75 mph or greater, heavy rain, flash flooding, damaging hail, and isolated power outages.”

In the city of Houston, the Weather Service says that temperatures could reach 100 degrees Wednesday.

The weather service is forecasting that “significant rainfall and wind gusts” will be possible in Houston as well as parts of south central Texas.

The city’s storm warning issued for the region has been lifted.

The area is expected “to experience the most severe heat wave in more.


Officials with the Texas Department of Public Safety said that “due to the intensity of this event and extreme conditions, our offices have opened a phone hotline to coordinate emergency response efforts.”

The storm warnings were in effect throughout the state until Friday afternoon, but it was only after the area got hit by heavy rains that officials issued the weather alerts.

The Houston area has seen some of the highest temperatures on record.

The average high temperature in the city reached 95 degrees on Thursday, according the Weather Channel.